Digital Marketing for Property Professionals

Digital Marketing Solutions for Property Professionals

Australia’s real estate market over the last few years has grown at a rapid pace. Now, investors increasingly rely on property managers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers to walk them through the process of buying or selling their property. Currently, the market for real estate services in Australia is valued at approximately $32.2 billion and is expected to continue to grow. Estimates are that the market will grow by 6.7% in 2022.

Increasing competition is a natural byproduct of an expanding market and if you want to make a name for yourself in this highly competitive industry, you’ll need a digital marketing strategy that stands out from other real estate professionals like you. You may provide your present clients with the best or most unique services, but now you need to tell prospective clients about what you offer. This is where the role of digital marketing has significant advantages.

Letterbox advertising was once the most accepted form of marketing for property professionals, but now, how well do they convert? In what ways are you able to monitor their success? Not everyone in your market will see your leaflet, banner or newspaper ad and pay attention to it. Or, you might find yourself wasting money on reaching people who aren’t interested in your services. It gets even more challenging if you want to reach people outside your local area. Your potential customers are no longer choosing the first property professional they come across, as most people will turn to their smartphones and Google to do their own research on the best in the business.

This is where the power of digital marketing comes into play, providing new avenues for your company’s expansion. Digital formats are now the most effective direction for advertising and many businesses are using online media to inform their audience about their services. It is now imperative to establish a digital presence to increase brand awareness amongst your target audience. As you know, getting new leads moves on to sales. New clients discover you through online searches and a well-established online presence.

Several studies have shown that mobile advertising campaigns are more effective than traditional forms of marketing. So it’s not surprising that many people now access websites via multiple devices and channels. At Crunchy Digital, we can develop new strategies to bring customers to your website.

It’s now possible to boost your website traffic by using search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, paid advertising and more. Having an effective website and online marketing funnel for your property management services can attract new clients and Crunchy Digital can increase the brand value and trustworthiness of your real estate business.

Digital marketing has a significant advantage over traditional marketing because it allows you to target and reach an audience far beyond your immediate area. Advertising on digital platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram enables you to narrow your audience to those specifically interested in real estate services.

Digital marketing can help your real estate business grow. All you need is the help of a digital marketing agency for property professionals like Crunchy Digital. We can track your business’s growth and help you develop effective digital marketing plans for the property industry. Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion about your business’s online marketing.

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