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Are you ready to stand out in Sydney’s bustling digital world? Let CrunchyDigital be your guide to unparalleled online success. Our expert team, renowned for their SEO prowess, is committed to catapulting Sydney-based businesses to the forefront of digital visibility. With a proven track record, we’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in digital excellence.

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Claire Stevens

Founder Crunchy Digital

Crunchy Digital™ - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney
Crunchy Digital™ - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney
23 Google reviews
Crunchy Digital have elevated my social media presence with consistent posts, eye-catching graphics, and informative captions. Their expertise also resolved a tricky Facebook and Instagram issue I had, making it much easier for me to manage my socials. I'm impressed with Claire and her team’s skills and I highly recommend Crunchy Digital for any businesses wanting to improve their marketing.
Michael Bell
Michael Bell
They are friendly and approachable.
Kylie Morgan
Kylie Morgan
I've been working with Claire for the past 6 months and what a whizz!!! She's super professional and an absolute delight to work with. From understanding the brief through to execution, Claire is thoughtful, considered, timely and exceptionally efficient! Her knowledge, expertise and skill set are such an asset for our start-up business.
brad l. spencer
brad l. spencer
Claire at Crunchy has been super helpful, approachable and reachable for their support of my account. My reach on social media grew from low numbers to over 30,000 in a short time with Crunchy. Highly recommend them for your next marketing project!
Martin Gillespie
Martin Gillespie
The team at Crunchy Digital, under the direction of Claire Stevens are incredible. They listen to your requirements, have realistic expectations, timeframes and professional in all their interactions. They have a good understanding of the digital world, its workings and changing landscape. Great to partner with in achieving the goal of having a dynamic digital footprint for success. Well done as highly recommend.
Jade Lloyd
Jade Lloyd
My experience with Crunchy Digital has been incredibly informative and useful for my business. Working with Claire has given me an incredible insight into how to grow my audience, and optimise opportunities that are available digitally to get my website and brand seen. I would thoroughly recommend Crunchy Digital.
La Lune Cinema
La Lune Cinema
Claire is a social media wizard. She helped us re-structure and simplify our strategies so that we were not wasting valuable hours in the planning process. Highly recommend getting in touch.
Daniel Vuko
Daniel Vuko
We’re so pleased with Crunchy Digital’s work for our online party store. Claire’s mutual commitment to growing our business is refreshing and we appreciate her helping us understand our digital marketing and building a strategy from the ground up.
Heidi F
Heidi F
Claire has been so committed in helping my partner and I with our online business! We are so pleased with Claire’s work and attention to detail. Claire took our business to the next level and gave us a much wider understanding of our marketing and building strategy and we can’t thank her enough! We would 100% recommend Crunchy Digital’s service if you want quality and professional marketing advice :)
Peter Williams
Peter Williams
Claire has been vital in developing the digital marketing strategy for my business. The Crunchy Digital team has shown me the value of search engine optimisation and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them.
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Our SEO Success Stories

From increased leads to top Google rankings, our Sydney SEO case studies show how we turn digital potential into business success.

Sydney Construction Firm

Our SEO expertise took a Sydney-based Construction Firm to the forefront of search results, dominating competitive keywords.

Home Services Sydney

We redefined online visibility for a Sydney Home Services company with our dynamic SEO and digital marketing tactics.

Why CrunchyDigital for SEO Consulting?

Understanding Sydney's Market Like No Other

We know Sydney’s digital scene inside out. Our local SEO expertise means your brand will not only stand out but also connect with the right people in Sydney.

Strategic SEO for Real Results

We’re all about getting you lasting results. From smart SEO strategies to making your website a magnet for visitors, we’re focused on boosting your online visibility.

Clear Reports, No Jargon

We believe in keeping things transparent. You’ll get regular, easy-to-understand updates on how your SEO is doing, showing you just how much your online presence is growing.

SEO That Fits You Perfectly

Every business is unique, and so is our SEO approach. We tailor our strategies to fit your business and help you stand out in Sydney’s competitive market.

Optimized for Google SGE Era Icon

Experienced SEO Pros

Our team is a bunch of SEO enthusiasts who love tackling digital challenges. We’re always up-to-date with the latest in SEO, ready to take your brand to the top of Sydney’s search lists.

More Than Just SEO

We’re in it for the long haul. Our aim is to build a lasting relationship with you, adapting our SEO strategies as the digital world evolves, ensuring your business stays ahead in Sydney.

Sydney's Premier SEO Services

Crafting your path to online prominence, Crunchy Digital™ enhances your Sydney business’s digital reach. Our focused SEO strategies elevate and sustain your ranking, ensuring lasting search engine success.

Keyword Research

We'll identify and target optimal keywords to elevate your audience reach and search visibility.

On-Page SEO

We commit to enhancing your website's appeal and ranking through strategic on-page optimizations.

Technical SEO

Our expertise will ensure your website's performance and search engine compatibility are top-notch.

Link Building

We'll build authoritative backlinks to bolster your site's credibility and improve its search ranking.

Local SEO

We promise to maximize your local presence, drawing in nearby customers with specialized local SEO tactics.

Our SEO Process In 8 Simple Steps

SEO is a multifaceted approach. Here’s a glimpse of our systematic process:


Initial Consultation

We start by understanding your business goals and SEO status.


Website Audit & Technical SEO Assessment

We check your website thoroughly to find areas for SEO improvement.


Keyword and Market Research

We find the best keywords and understand the Sydney market for your business.


Customised SEO Strategy

We create a strategy that’s just right for your business in Sydney.


On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation

We work on improving your website’s visibility and search engine rankings.


Content Creation and Marketing

We create content that speaks to your Sydney audience and boosts your site traffic.


Performance Monitoring and Reporting

We keep you updated with regular reports on your SEO progress.


Continuous Optimisation

SEO is an ongoing process, and we keep refining our strategies for your long-term success in Sydney.

Tools We Use For Your Online Success

At CrunchyDigital, we use top-notch SEO tools to craft strategies that boost your online presence. Our team is skilled in everything from keyword research to performance analytics, ensuring a comprehensive SEO service tailored to your business.

Ready to Dominate Search Engine Rankings?

Unlock unparalleled growth with Sydney’s best SEO agency. Dive into a strategy session with our SEO consultants and discover the potential of your business in Sydney’s digital landscape.

Book A Consultation

Book a free discovery call with our SEO expert, Claire.

Get Your Strategy

Receive a customised search engine optimisation strategy and services package.


Approve your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Let’s Go!

We’ll get to work leveraging SEO to bring more customers or clients to your business.

claire stevens

Claire Stevens

Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Where We Started

Claire Stevens started in marketing over 8 years ago, with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing and a minor in Psychological Science. Claire developed her marketing career while working for some of Australia’s most predominant media publishers, including Channel 10, Foxtel and Channel 7.

“I loved working with some of the world’s biggest brands, including IKEA, American Express, Volvo and more, but I wanted to work on a smaller scale with business owners who are passionate about the work they’re doing.”

In 2018, Claire launched Crunchy Digital after discovering that many business owners were unsure about their digital marketing strategy and needed to implement effective campaigns to get more sales in the new world of online business. More than five years on, Claire and the Crunchy Digital team have helped hundreds of companies across various industries benefit from user-friendly websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

Crunchy Digital aims to help business owners who keep putting their digital marketing in the ‘too hard’ basket. We help to decipher and deploy the best digital marketing strategy for our clients so they can stay ahead of the pack.

Who Are We?

Meet the Expert SEO Team at Crunchy Digital™

At Crunchy Digital™, our “Expert SEO Team” isn’t just a title — it’s a promise. We’re a coalition of SEO aficionados based in Sydney, bringing to the table a strategic fusion of local know-how and global SEO best practices. Since our inception in 2018, we’ve been the secret weapon for Sydney’s businesses, from burgeoning startups to leading enterprises, steering them to the top of search results with precision and finesse.

Our team’s mastery in deciphering the complex SEO terrain makes us the go-to strategists for anyone eager to dominate Sydney’s competitive digital landscape. With a blend of analytical prowess and creative zest, we don’t just optimize your online presence — we transform it. Whether you’re looking to enhance your local visibility or command greater market share, Crunchy Digital’s experts are your trusted navigators in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation.

crunchy Digital

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Have you ever done a Google search and wondered why certain results are shown within the first few entries? Do you often click the first result, or even the second or third to find the answer you’re looking for? Well, being one of those first results takes effort. There’s an art that goes into making sure your website is coming up at the very top of your customer’s search results, beating the hundreds or thousands of other businesses that do what you do. This takes Search Engine Optimisation, a core service of our SEO agency in Sydney.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the processes that go into increasing your website’s visibility when people in Sydney search on platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By increasing your website’s visibility, you increase the chances of people engaging with your business. SEO can take time to develop, but it’s a long-term investment that will continue to get your business seen by your potential customers.

To learn more insights about Search Engine Optimisation services in Sydney or for our interstate clients needing Search Engine Optimisation Services in Australia, check out our blog.

crunchy Digital

What are the benefits of SEO?

The better your website’s Search Engine Optimization, the higher the chance of your website coming up on the first page of search results when people search for businesses like yours. With SEO, we strategically select keywords that resonate with your ideal customers, such as ‘seo agency sydney‘, ‘search engine marketing sydney‘ and content marketing sydney —keywords for which Crunchy Digital proudly ranks with distinction. By choosing Crunchy Digital’s SEO services based in Sydney, you can expect to:

Trust in Crunchy Digital’s SEO services to not just promise, but deliver measurable results.

Laptop showing digital marketing results dashboard for businesses
Laptop showing digital marketing results dashboard for businesses

crunchy Digital

What do you need to get started?

To improve your on-page SEO, we first need access to your website. It can also help if we can be given access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, or we can set this up for your site. We’ll work behind the scenes to research the best search keywords that will attract your ideal customers and implement our strategies to increase your website’s rankings. While we work, you’ll get access to your personalised dashboard of results and rankings, which you can log into whenever you like. Be confident that you’ve chosen an effective SEO company, and with our successful SEO strategy, begin seeing your results come to life.

crunchy Digital

SEO in Sydney: Why It's Essential for Business Success

In the digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses in Sydney. With the reliance on the internet and search engines to find products and services, SEO has become a fundamental marketing strategy​​.

Sydney, being Australia’s largest city and a major economic hub, is home to a diverse range of businesses. According to Australia’s internet penetration report, In 2022-23 Approximately 91% of Australians use the internet regularly, making the online marketplace a battleground where businesses must establish their presence to gain a competitive edge.

SEO helps websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing the likelihood of attracting organic traffic. This is essential in a crowded internet space where a website without proper SEO may remain invisible to potential customers.

SEO focuses on attracting the right audience, leading to highly targeted leads who are more likely to convert into customers, resulting in increased sales and revenue​.

Laptop showing digital marketing results dashboard for businesses
Laptop showing digital marketing results dashboard for businesses

We’ve Grown Businesses in Sydney and Internationally

Hear From Our Clients

Glowing testimonials from clients who’ve witnessed transformative SEO results.

Google Certified SEO Agency in Sydney

crunchy digital as google analytics certifications

Google Analytics Certification

By earning the Google Analytics Certification, Google recognises our ability to:

  1. Set up a Google Analytics 4 property for a website or an app
  2. Collect the data that you need for your business and use the various reporting tools and features
  3. Recognise key measurement features that can show the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts

Google Ads Cerative Certifiction

By earning the Google Ads creative certification, Google recognises your ability to:

  1. Make effective ad creative for video, display, app and search campaigns based on Google's research-backed guidance
  2. Use Google's tools and resources throughout the creative life cycle
  3. Boost creative performance with experimentation.

crunchy digital google ads measurement certification

Google Ads Measurement Certifiction

By earning the Google Ads Measurement certification, Google recognises your ability to:

  1. Translate your marketing objectives into measurable actions
  2. Set up tracking to effectively measure sales, app downloads/installs and/or leads
  3. Understand how to analyse and act on insights from your conversion tracking data
  4. Choose the right attribution model for your business goals

crunchy digital Google AI-Powered performance ads certification

AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification

By earning the AI-powered performance ads certification, Google recognises your ability to:

  1. Describe the importance of AI throughout Google Ads campaigns
  2. Prepare an AI automation strategy that aligns to your business goals, Identify the benefits of using cross-channel AI-powered campaigns and tools
  3. Explain the importance of adopting an agile mindset, and adopt flexible budgets to respond to demand and drive real business outcomes
  4. Use Google Ads reporting and insights to bring transparency to Google's AI

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about our e-commerce SEO? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.
With a team of seasoned SEO specialists and a proven track record of success, Crunchy Digital has positioned itself as a premier SEO consultant in Sydney. Our local expertise, coupled with a data-driven approach, allows us to deliver tailored strategies that drive real results for Sydney-based businesses.
Understanding the local market dynamics is crucial for SEO success. Our strategies are crafted with a deep understanding of the Sydney market, ensuring your business resonates well with the local audience and stands out in search engine rankings.
During a consultation, we'll evaluate your website's current SEO status, identify areas of improvement, and discuss a tailored strategy to achieve your business goals in the Sydney digital landscape.
SEO success is measured through various metrics including, but not limited to, website traffic, search engine rankings, conversion rate, and ROI. We provide regular reports to keep you updated on the performance and the impact of our SEO strategies.
SEO is a long-term investment. While some changes may result in quick improvements, sustainable and significant results typically require a consistent effort over several months.
Our team is committed to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest updates in the SEO industry. We regularly attend training sessions, webinars, and industry conferences to ensure our strategies are current and effective.
Certainly. We have a portfolio of success stories and satisfied clients in Sydney whom we've helped achieve their SEO goals. Feel free to explore our Case Studies section or get in touch for references.
Our holistic approach, local market expertise, and the personalised service we offer set us apart. At Crunchy Digital, we believe in creating custom SEO solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses.
Getting started is simple. Contact us for a free SEO consultation, and we’ll discuss how we can tailor an SEO strategy to meet your business goals in Sydney.
Absolutely. We adhere to Google's best practices to ensure your website enjoys long-term SEO success. Our strategies are transparent, ethical, and designed to deliver sustainable growth.

Expert Digital Marketing Strategies, As Seen In

crunchy Digital

SEO Pros in the Spotlight

Crunchy Digital in National Liquor News

Crunchy Digital Founder Claire wrote a double spread in National Liquor News’s September 2021 issue! Claire shared her tips on capturing engaging product photos using just a phone and a few handy tricks. If you’re looking for some insightful tips on taking photos for your business or content ideas to strengthen your digital presence, contact us for a consultation.

Panellist at the Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers conference

Crunchy Digital’s founder, Claire, addressed a gathering of 200 stockbrokers and financial industry professionals on optimising social media marketing. She, along with fellow panellists, explored digital marketing’s evolution in finance, emphasised tailored content, weighed outsourcing vs. DIY, and offered insights on seamless social media and marketing management.

Crunchy Digital At Digital Transformation Live 2023

In June 2023, Crunchy Digital had the honour of showcasing at the prestigious Digital Transformation Live Expo. Hosted at ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour, our team engaged with numerous business owners, discussing potential strategies for digital transformation and achieving automated lead generation.

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