Online Clothing Store Case Study

Discover our Facebook and Instagram Advertising results for an Australian online clothing store.


Online Clothing Store Success Story

Where They Started

The Challenge

An Australian eCommerce retailer wanted to increase their online sales for their Woo-Commerce site. They needed a highly targeted campaign for women aged 18-30 and based on the east coast of Australia. They were experiencing a lack of transparency with their previous digital marketing agency, which was not providing consistent reporting on their ad results. The retailer knew they needed to improve their cost-per-acquisition and gain better value for their ad spend in order to continue running a sustainable business.

The Project:

Online Clothing Store


eCommerce Clothing Store



Where They Were Going

The Goal

In a highly competitive market, clothing retailers face pressure to capture the attention of their potential customers. This eCommerce company needed to increase brand awareness amongst their target audience and then utilise their established email campaigns to retain customers and encourage repeat sales.

Why They Chose Crunchy Digital

During the client’s discovery session, Crunchy Digital showed the client our easily accessible client reporting dashboard. This would go on to showcase the client’s advertising results, something that had been lacking from the client’s non-transparent experience with their previous digital advertising agency. Similar to other clients, the online clothing retailer wanted someone else to take the reigns with their advertising strategy, meaning they would be able to focus on other business tasks.

The Solution

Crunchy Digital installed tracking code on the client’s website to enable retargeting and campaign tracking for the ads. We tested several types of audiences, including:

  • A lookalike audience of their customer database.
  • A lookalike audience of their website viewers.
  • General targeting for their customer profile.
  • Add to cart retargeting.

We created carousel ad assets for the company to suit their brand and create consistency along the customer’s journey from discovering the brand to visiting their website.

What Happened Next

The Results

Crunchy Digital averaged 123,000 impressions and 4,470 clicks per month for the client’s ads across Facebook and Instagram. This resulted in a cost-per-click of only $0.46 and a click-through rate of 3.60%, which is significantly higher than the 2022 benchmark of 1.24% for Apparel.

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