Australian Home Decor Store Case Study

Discover our digital marketing results for an Australian home decor store.

Australian Home Decor Store Success Story

Where They Started

The Challenge

A furniture and home decor store owner based in Sydney’s western suburbs wanted to increase their in-store foot traffic, as well as drive customers to their online store on Shopify. They came to Crunchy Digital in need of an effective campaign that simultaneously targeted a radius around their physical store, as well as the eastern coast of Australia for online customers. They were experiencing a lack of sales and were imminently expecting a shipping container of new products, which the business needed to fit into their showroom and sell.

The Project:

Australian Home Decor Store


Luxury furniture and home decor


Sydney, Australia

Where They Were Going

The Goal

The newly established home decor store needed to not only establish their digital and physical presence against an industry of highly competitive companies but also quickly sell products to free up floor space within the store.

Why They Chose Crunchy Digital

Having done previous work for this client, Crunchy Digital was a trusted partner for digital marketing due to our transparency in the onboarding process and campaign progress.

The Solution

Crunchy Digital set up a Facebook and Instagram campaign at minimum spend to attract new customers to their online and in-person stores. The company also offered the incentive of a discount code offering $100 off the customers’ first purchase. Crunchy Digital installed tracking code on the client’s website to enable retargeting of the business’s aware audience and tested a number of types of audiences, including lookalike audiences of their website viewers, general interest targeting for their customer profile and location targeting.

Our team created video and carousel ads for the company’s Facebook and Instagram ads and optimised performance across both ad sets throughout the campaign.

What Happened Next

The Results

Crunchy Digital’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns achieved an average of 170k average impressions per month with a minimum ad spend. This resulted in an average of 3,400 clicks on the campaigns per month, which is a click-through rate (CTR) of 2.06%. Comparatively, the average CTR on Facebook across all industries in 2022 was 0.90%, and 0.70% across the Home Improvement industry specifically. The client’s cost-per-click (CPC) maintained an average of $0.20 over the campaign, with an average of 29 adds-to-cart each month for products retailing from between $500 and $3,000 each.

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