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Australian Hair Styling Brand Success Story

Where They Started

The Challenge

Crunchy Digital developed an online store for Tame Your Nest, the first heat-free, eco-friendly hair styling tool for curly hair. The client also needed to begin their social media presence from scratch across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to build brand awareness for the newly established brand. The company wanted to attract a mix of customers, including regular consumers, as well as salon managers and hair professionals who could buy the stock at a discounted wholesale rate for sale within their hair salons. Crunchy Digital needed to make a wholesaler login option on the Shopify store to allow salon owners with an ABN to log in and view salon-only discounted prices and exclusive bundles.

The Project:

Australian Hair Styling Brand


eCommerce Hair Styling Product Store



Where They Were Going

The Goal

Tame Your Nest needed to establish a user-friendly online store to make sales on a worldwide scale.

Why They Chose Crunchy Digital

Crunchy Digital had worked on a number of other digital marketing projects with the owner of Tame Your Nest. They trusted our team’s ability to create their Shopify store and our team was involved with the client’s brand development from the beginning. Crunchy Digital built the online store completely, allowing the client to focus on their core business offering.

The Solution

Crunchy Digital created Tame Your Nest‘s Shopify site from scratch, with just a logo and limited brand messaging to base it off. With weekly posts on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages in the lead-up to and after the site launch, Crunchy Digital’s content encouraged the audience to visit the website and shop the range.

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What Happened Next

The Results

With its new online store, Tame Your Nest is able to showcase its products, sell online, track inventory and update its customers with new information about its products and sales. The Crunchy Digital team also created all imagery and videos for use on the website and social media, as well as how-to guides and promotional videos. Crunchy Digital used the company’s social media to promote Tame Your Nest’s products and increase brand awareness. Influencer marketing strategies have gone on to generate a minimum of 150% ROI and have helped to elevate the brand presence in a saturated market of hair styling products.

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