Why is SEO So Expensive – Revealing the Value Behind Cost!?

why is seo so expensive

When you step into the world of online marketing, one major thing that is likely to bug you is the cost of SEO. Considering how much you have to spend on campaigns, the time, the results, and so many more factors, you may often feel as if the price is touching the sky. 

But, with such high-rise prices, are they even worth it?

At Crunchy Digital, we’ve had numerous clients complain about how the prices are so expensive and ask whether they even bear any results. If you are one of those too confused about the prices of SEO being expensive, let us shed some light on it. 

SEO as an Investment 

SEO is not as expensive as people have perceived it to be. Compared to other marketing methods like paid advertising or social media marketing, SEO is completely organic and can help generate a better return on investment. 

If you’re integrating SEO in the right way on your website, it can play an important role in increasing your rank and visibility. Whenever we collaborate with clients, we recommend them to see the potential returns their investment in SEO can generate. 

While you may consider SEO services to be expensive, it is not. Instead, when you start seeing it as an investment, the budget is worth it. You should remember- cheap SEO is never a good SEO. So, if you’re going to spend less, the results will be less, too. 

SEO is Free- Or Is It?

You may have heard a lot of people saying that SEO is free. That is far from the truth. SEO requires a lot of work, effort, and resources for proper management. The SEO experts put in months of work to ensure your website is ranking. So, SEO should never be free. You need to know that you’re paying for the expertise and skills, and for SEO to be free, in this case, will be unfair to the service providers. 

What are the Price Packages of SEO? 

Considering the growth of different businesses in Sydney, it is important to note that the price packages will be different, too. Some businesses in Sydney are usually more competitive than others and require more work, not only for ranking but also for maintenance. 

The expert SEO services in Sydney usually have different packages, depending on what they’re offering. The average price package by most of the leading SEO services in Sydney is as follows:

  • Hourly- $75-$200 per hour
  • Monthly retainer model- $1400-$3000 per month
  • Campaign-based- This is dynamic and completely depends on the campaign requirements. 

Why is SEO Expensive?

Businesses should always see SEO as an investment rather than putting a tag on it. There’s no doubt that SEO is expensive, but it is worth the price and can indeed help with better returns. 

Some of the major reasons why SEO is considered to be expensive include:

  • Long Term Strategy

SEO isn’t something that will generate results overnight. Instead, it is a long-term strategy, which is why the results will take time to show. SEO is a slow and steady strategy that takes time but brings guaranteed results, especially in the long run. 

Since it is a long-term strategy, you will have to keep investing in it. As you keep investing, the amount increases, which leads to an increase in the price you’re paying us to maintain your rankings. Every customized SEO strategy takes time and is catered according to your business needs, which is why the prices are high. 

  • Paying for Skills

SEO is one of the most intricate and complex aspects of digital marketing. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it will take time to reflect results. When you hire us, you’re actually paying for the skills. 

Think of it this way: if you jump into solving your ranking problems without any knowledge of SEO, you may spend more than required. As a result, the budget itself will increase. However, when you hire experienced SEO agencies, you pay for the campaigns to drive results. We will craft results in no time and maintain your ranking. 

  • Maintenance

Ranking on the first page or top search isn’t enough for good SEO, which is why maintaining the rank is important, too. When you’re planning to maintain the rank across Google, you will have to keep spending, which indeed increases the SEO budget. 

Maintaining the SERP is also difficult because it involves a lot of work, from conducting the audit to maintaining the rank and many more. It also requires maintaining the backend of your website to improve the page rankings and position. 

Final Words: Which SEO Pricing Scale is the Best? 

With so many SEO price models available, it can be quite difficult to determine which one is the best. However, you need first to understand your business objectives and goals and then present the structure accordingly. The right SEO pricing scale can make a huge difference in your business, especially in terms of ranking. Contact us to know more about how to consider a price package.

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