How To Get Recommended On Instagram

Did you know that the average engagement rate of influencers on Instagram is only 1.42 per cent per post? If that doesn?t make much sense to you, consider that the engagement median across all industries stands at 0.98 per cent. That?s pretty low!

Content writers are challenged to go above and beyond if they want their posts to reach and attract their target audience.

But, Instagram Recommendations is one of the best ways for content creators and businesses to spread information and content to the world.

The first step in utilising this tool is to grasp the most recent Instagram Recommendations and community criteria.

In this post, we discuss Instagram Recommendations, their importance to creators, and how to leverage them to increase reach and engagement.

What Do Instagram Recommendations Mean?

An Instagram Recommendation is a photo or video post that appears on the Instagram Explore page, Accounts You May Like, or the Reels tab. These posts are typically not from accounts that a person follows. Nonetheless, Instagram displays them in order to help consumers discover new content and groups that might align with their interests.

Instagram’s algorithm makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other advanced technologies to ensure that the recommendations it makes are relevant and beneficial to users. They, like Google and Facebook, personalise recommendations by taking into account user preferences, behaviours, and usage history.

Because the algorithm is continuously modified, Instagram marketing agencies, companies, and influencers need to keep an eye out for changes in the Instagram community guidelines and other Instagram usage guidelines to ensure that every campaign on Instagram is approved.

How Do Instagram Recommendations Help Brand Promotion?

Instagram began as a photo-sharing social networking platform before launching Instagram TV (IGTV) in 2018, which was eventually superseded by Instagram Video in 2021. With an increasing number of monthly users, it became one of the most essential digital marketing channels for businesses to undertake social media marketing campaigns.

These are two reasons why more businesses are collaborating with Instagram marketing professionals to create an Instagram content strategy.

Displaying Products

Instagram post ideas are typically intended to display or promote a specific product or service. Aside from simply posting, any user can use a tool called Instagram Guides to produce curated content, such as:

  • Places
  • Products
  • Posts

?Places? is critical for travel and hospitality-related companies. Meanwhile, ?Products? promotes goods available for purchase online.

Instagram Guides are still underutilised to this day. Hence, when coming up with Instagram content ideas, the Instagram content producer or Instagram marketing company should use this function to gain a competitive advantage.

Companies that sell products online must have an Instagram Shop and abide by the requirements and processes involved in opening a shop.

  • Satisfy the eligibility requirements, which include being located in a supported market, having an eligible product, owning a website where products are offered, and adhering to different agreements, policies, terms, and conditions.
  • Change the account type to business or creator. Fill in the required business information, such as an address, email or phone number, and a link to the website once the business account is activated.
  • Link the creator or company account to a Facebook Page. It Should be noted that a Facebook Page Store is not required.
  • Use the Catalogue Manager in Facebook Business Manager to upload your product catalogue. This catalogue should have a product list, inventory, and descriptions. This approach can be time-consuming for large companies with hundreds (or thousands) of items. As a result, the majority of them are dependent on integration with an e-Commerce Platform Partner like Shopify or getting expert help from Instagram marketing services.
  • Submit the account for approval. To turn on the Shopping option once you’ve been approved, tap Settings > Business > Shopping from the Instagram business profile. Choose the product catalogue to connect to, then click Done.

The advantage of having an Instagram Shop is that it helps simplify buyer journeys. It is simple and convenient, for example, to create a gift guide and link the products to the product sales page in the shop. In this scenario, tagging products on Instagram can help enhance conversion rates because buyers do not have to go through additional time-consuming stages.

2. Increase Your Reach and Customer Acquisition

The entire purpose of an Instagram content strategy is to grow followers and reach in order to build a loyal following and customer pool for your brand. Paid ads continue to be the easiest way to achieve your goals on Instagram, including growing followers and reach or getting leads through to your website. But it?s much cheaper if your posts are suggested and appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

Instagram recommendations are completely free. Instagram, like search engines, employs an algorithm to recommend posts to individuals who may be interested in viewing them. In essence, the posts reach an audience that is most likely part of the target client demographic.

Another factor to consider with recommendations is that they may be seen by non-followers, which implies that some users may become followers or buyers by visiting the product sales page.

How to Get Recommendations on Instagram

Following Instagram Community Rules is required of all users. However, because posts recommended to non-followers may be seen by a wide audience, even greater standards must be met for qualifying content. By doing this, Instagram can lessen the possibility of promoting content that certain users, especially those who have not indicated that they wish to see such content, may find offensive or improper.

Hence, the posts must adhere to both the Recommendation Guidelines and the Instagram Community Standards.

The Instagram brand guidelines prohibit the use of violent imagery or videos in content. The promotion of controlled goods like tobacco and e-cigarettes is also prohibited. Images and videos that are sexually suggestive or explicit, especially those that include people wearing transparent clothing, are likewise forbidden.

Instagram policy-violating posts are automatically detected and taken down by technology and human review teams. In extreme circumstances, Instagram may also stop a whole account from showing up in suggestions. This typically occurs as a result of persistent violations.

The Best Techniques For Creating Instagram Reels And Content Ideas

Let’s review some methods that an Instagram content creator can consider when coming up with ideas for content and IG Reels. Use these suggestions to improve your chances of being recommended.

1. Publish unique content and update frequently

Do not submit previously published reels or any other unoriginal or compiled content. Sharing a deserving Reel or post on your Stories is preferable to repurpose someone else’s content. Uploading original photographs and videos will produce the best results because users will value them more.

Note: By utilising Instagram’s Collabs function, brands may team up with other users. The followers of the collaborators can be shared with a single post using this tactic.

Another thing to keep in mind is to schedule regular posts in accordance with the activity times of your target audience. Regular publishing at a time when the majority of the target audience is online increases the likelihood that posts will be viewed.

Always keep in mind that only posts that the audience sees have a possibility of producing the intended outcomes, including engagement. Using social media platforms like HootSuite or working with one of the top Instagram marketing companies in Sydney can simplify and improve this process.

2. Think of Unique Instagram Reels Ideas

While creating Instagram reels, make sure to adhere to the Instagram brand rules. Not only that but they must be integrated into the overall Instagram content strategy.

When designing videos, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Employ 9×16 vertical measurements with no borders for high-resolution video viewing on smartphones.
  • If on-screen text or captions are utilised, make sure they don’t take up too much space or get cut off by in-app buttons and features.
  • Keep videos short, as they can only be suggested if they are less than 90 seconds long.
  • The first three seconds are crucial, so make them count. Instead, visitors may choose to ignore the video and move on to the next post.
  • Alongside the subject, produce videos utilising the company’s brand identity to improve brand identification.

3. Improve Instagram Promotion by Raising Search Visibility

Keywords, like search engines, are important. Therefore any Instagram content strategy must incorporate keyword analysis. Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Instagram uses text to match search results to the search query. Therefore, when writing an Instagram caption, incorporate relevant keywords.
  • Profile names that are relevant to the content may rank higher in search results.
  • To improve search exposure, include primary keywords in the bio.
  • Include relevant keywords and hashtags in captions rather than comments.


The key to taking advantage of being recommended is to be eligible. This includes verifying that every photo and video shared adheres to Instagram’s guidelines.

To attract more followers and potential clients, use the best techniques suggested in this article. Keywords, for example, can help improve search visibility. Contact us today for more information on how our Instagram marketing services can assist in bringing consumers to your product sales pages. Our social media marketing experts can go over the many digital marketing tactics that can increase your sales and deliver exceptional returns.

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