Five Ways That You Can Use Facebook Groups For Your Business

As a business, it’s very likely that you’ve created a Facebook page. However, you might be missing a great opportunity with Facebook groups. In the most recent F8 update for Facebook, a huge push was placed on the community of Facebook and how we’ll be seeing emphasis placed on groups rather than pages. Group updates will have a better chance of appearing in your news feed and Facebook will be making it easier for people to access the more private aspects of Facebook, such as these groups.

Here we explain how to use Facebook groups, and how it might just benefit your business. Let’s dive right in.

1. Reward Your Customers

Groups are a highly personal aspect of Facebook.  As most of us have experienced, a lot of groups are set up so that you either need to be invited to join them or request access before you can see the content posted within. For this reason, you can provide a more personalised, valuable experience to specific customers, grabbing the attention of people who have a deeper interest in your offering. While it’s much harder to develop a large audience within a group, you could, for example, include an invitation button in your business’s email newsletters or on the confirmation of purchase page of your website. It could also be worth mentioning your group to customers at the point of purchase if you have a physical store. This works particularly well with ongoing services like fitness training or beauty therapies where customers visit periodically. This allows customers to have regular updates on what’s going on within the business and can plan their next visit.

2. Discuss Industry News

Groups are really popular for communities who want to discuss current events. For instance, political or activist groups often share events, news articles and ideas into groups as this is a private and safer place for them to do so. For businesses, you can adopt a similar idea. You can share industry news, ideas, and deals with a private group. Building a group of your ideal audience is key to getting your updates out to people who are more likely to engage with your business. This creates a sense of community and interests people while also collecting a group of people you can occasionally promote your business to.

3. Build a Community

That brings us very nicely onto our next point. Groups offer a sense of community, which is always beneficial to a business. When you feel like you belong somewhere, you often establish a level of loyalty to the company too. Groups can offer you a great place to find content ideas, as well. Perhaps you can ask the community what they would like to hear on your next podcast, or ask for suggestions on products they’d like to see in your shop. Businesses thrive when they listen to the community around them. Facebook groups give you an easy, fool-proof way to connect with your target audience and loyal customers.

4. Promote events

Event marketing is a really wonderful thing. it brings people together and promotes your business. Perhaps you’re going to an expo, a tradeshow or you have a pop-up shop somewhere. Sharing this on your social media pages is great. but runs the risk of it being ignored. When you post an event on a Facebook group, there is a higher chance that people will see it and click on it. This is courtesy to the fact that group members get notifications when something is posted.

5. Use A Group To Manage Your Team

On a smaller level, Facebook groups are also great for staffing purposes too. There are many platforms out there that give you the opportunity to contact and share with your colleagues and staff. That being said, Facebook groups are a great option.

Most people have Facebook and already understand the interface. As it’s private, only you and your team will see messages and information.

This is a simple way to promote company culture and get to know your team a little bit better. It’s also a great way to get your staff members to share their content which you could potentially repurpose for your company’s public social media channels. Celebrating the authenticity and little achievements of your staff members can be a great way to build connection and trust.

Overall, Facebook groups are a great way to offer an even more personalised experience to customers, promote certain events, or keep your team productive and informed.

They’re often overlooked in the world of business, but maybe you should delve into the world of groups to see how you can make positive changes to your company. If you’re in need of help with your Facebook marketing, read more about our Facebook marketing services: Facebook Chabot Marketing & Social Media packages.

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