The Rise Of Instagram Stories – How to Create More Video Content For Your Business

We’ve all seen it coming – the rise of video content on social media – and now, in 2019, we are experiencing the growing importance for businesses to remain on top of this video trend.

While a lot of businesses might find it difficult to produce engaging video content of their brand, it is a great way to show your community the personality of your business. Lets run through why video is the king of social media and some video content tips for your business to improve your social media presence.

To firstly understand why this video trend has come about, we look to the updates put in place by the top social media platforms in recent years. The video trend is primarily a result of Instagram and Facebook jumping on the ‘Stories’ feature, originally made popular on Snapchat. For those who are new to social media, ‘Stories’ involve pictures and videos being uploaded for a total of 24 hours, in small, snackable content pieces. This is a much less formal way of providing content, as it is time limited compared to a classic post in the main feed. Another reason for the rise of video content can be attributed to Facebook’s favouritism of the content form in 2018, ranking video updates better in the algorithm and delivering these into users’ news feeds more frequently.

What does this demand for video content mean for small business owners?

Well, for one thing, us small business owners are all going to need to become more comfortable on-screen and practice ways to engage our viewers when the camera is pointed at us. The businesses with are already jumping on the video bandwagon are paving the way in terms of this content option, and will leave the video avoiders behind. At Crunchy Digital, we understand how difficult it is to crack into the video content scene, so let us help you with a few quick tips on how to include more video content in your social media strategy.

So, what can you do to build your content strategy to include more video about your business?

1. Show Behind The Scenes Video Snaps

One of the main reasons businesses tend to avoid video content is that they don’t know what to take videos of! Showing behind the scenes footage of your brand is a great way to help your followers get to know your business and build a sense of trust. This strengthens your relationship with your customers, as your followers know that you are transparent and comfortable with showing them the in’s and out’s of your business. Interviewing the staff behind your brand can be another great way to boost your video content, while also giving your viewers a chance to understand the people who make your business run smoothly. Try starting off by hosting a fun Q&A session with your most extroverted staff member.

2. Showcase Events

Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or have a staff of hundreds, it’s almost certain that you’ll attend the odd event in relation to your industry. Be it a conference, trade show or staff party, show your followers your experience by taking some simple videos of the event. Building a story around your experience is a great way to foster engagement with your viewers. This tip is particularly useful for live video as you can do this unscripted and use the focus of the event as the main focus in your video.

3. Get Familiar With Boomerangs (No, not the wooden throwing stick type!)

A super easy method of incorporating more video into your social media content is using Boomerangs. For those who don’t know what this is, Boomerang is a feature of Instagram that loops a few frames worth of video to show the scene moving forwards and backwards. This can be done either in the Boomerang App or in the Stories feature on Instagram. Have a little play with it and test how you can show movement and interesting dynamics to make unique videos. You can save videos to your camera roll for future use or upload them right on the spot. Using this tool can help you make a simple post into one that’s fun and interesting to the viewer, not to mention hugely on-trend!

4. Find Free Stock Videos

Last but not least, check out the free stock videos that are available on websites such as They have a huge array of videos, which can be uploaded on their own, or strung together to create a long-form style of video to showcase the feel of your brand. This takes the hard work out of filming your own content, saving you time. But be careful, try to not use any videos that are too overused or generic.

Get Started Now!

Cracking into the video scene is an important move for businesses that are yet to deliver this form of content. All business types, from restaurants to personal trainers, can create unique and engaging video content that will foster a positive relationship with your followers. Be sure to use some of these useful video content tips to support your business’ social media video strategy in 2019.

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