How Can I Increase My Instagram Following? Seven Tried and Tested Ways

Getting Instagram followers in 2019 is a little bit more complicated than, say, a couple of years ago. Not only does it have so many more users, but it’s also become super competitive for business and personal accounts to gain followers. See our Instagram marketing solutions.

We’ve compiled our favourite, most effective ways to increase your Instagram following.

make your profile appealing

This might seem simple, but it’s something you definitely have to consider. When somebody visits your profile, they will decide in minutes whether they will follow you. For this reason, you have to make sure your Instagram profile looks great.

Optimise your brand, even if it’s a personal account. Have an appealing picture, a catchy bio, a website link, and a feed which is worth following. Instagram revolves around aesthetics.

Make sure you build a professional, well-curated, and beautiful feed. The more creative, the better.

Don’t Ignore Instagram Stories

So many people ignore Instagram stories, failing to realise just how great it can be to gain followers.

Firstly, Instagram now allows you to pin your highlights on your page. When people enter your page, they will see that you post often, and great content.

Secondly, people can screen record and share Instagram stories. Many people have gained following and attention from their stories.

If you’re into stories, consider using story templates to keep them more uniform.

Use Hashtags

We know, the commercialisation of hashtags have almost made them “uncool.” However, hashtags are a great way to gain followers and attention.

People still check hashtags, the only issue is, with so many users your post might completely be drowned. This will eradicate the possibility of meaningful, valuable followers.

Try to use niche hashtags – the followers you do get from these will genuinely be interested in your feed.

Use Location Tags

On a similar note, always tag your location. The more niche, the better.

If you’re in a specific cafe, in a park, or at an event – tag them. Users all over the world will be searching for this, and you’ll gain followers from this.

Obviously, always consider your safety.

Promote Yourself

Like with everything, if you want more attention, share it around.

Put your Instagram on all your other platforms. Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Pinterest, and even your business card.

Instagram is the must-have social media platform at the moment, people will be checking if you’re on it.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the process of asking “influencers,” or those with large followings, to shout you out, or promote your brand.

Make sure that the influencer you choose is relevant to you and your brand. This way, you’ll gain followers that will keep following you.

Content is the key

The best way to gain followers is to publish content that people want to see. Our best advice here is to test everything out – what do people respond the best too?

For some, it’s outfit pictures, others it’s interior photos, and for some it’s drawings. Look at your analytics.

We hope these little hints and tips help you out. Focus on building organic, meaningful followers, and you’re on a surefire journey to increasing them.

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