5 Health and Wellness Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business in 2023

Consumers are conscious of their own health and wellness every day, continuously making decisions about their diet, exercise, hygiene and sleep routines. As of 2022,?60%?of people have reported becoming more conscious of their health since the pandemic. People are more often taking measures to prioritise their well-being and obtain a healthy lifestyle through products and services offered by brands that want to make a difference. As a result, health and wellness marketing is a crucial step for these industry businesses as the market is ever-expanding and is expected to reach a value of over US?$6 trillion?by 2030.?

On the one hand, this means there is huge opportunity through health and wellness marketing to establish or expand your business. On the other hand, businesses will have to compete with more companies to attract customers and increase conversions. Consumers need to be selective about where they spend their budget on their health, meaning they can only choose the brands, products or services that completely resonate with them. With that being said, it?s imperative to focus on the upcoming trends in health and wellness marketing to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. 

Small and medium business owners in the health and wellness space can leverage the latest digital marketing methods to optimise their marketing approach. Let?s dive into some of the 2023 trends to look out for.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has been the hottest trend in recent years with the introduction of video-focused social media apps and features, including TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. This is a brilliant way to show your audience who you are and provide valuable information to assist with the adoption of your product or service. Video placements also tend to perform more successfully than static assets when advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In 2023, it?s all about being confident to post videos on your business?s website and social media pages with a well-thought-out strategy for providing helpful content to your audience.

Visual Marketing

Visual marketing attracts attention from your audience and connects promotional text with engaging multimedia, such as images, infographics and, as mentioned previously videos. It is good to use a range of visual mediums to connect with your audience. You can significantly impact your target audience through this marketing strategy and compel them to complete the desired actions. 

For example, a nutritionist could provide infographics to explain the benefits of plant-based diets. This helps to establish the nutritionists? authority and branding, and then, by including a persuasive CTA, they can encourage viewers to contact them about getting a customised meal plan.

Sample, Trial or Freemium Marketing

Whether you offer a service or products in the health and wellness industry, one of the most effective ways to attract attention is to offer a limited trial or sample of your offer. Once you have your ?foot in the door? with a customer who has trialled your product or service, they are much more likely to continue their journey with you or tell their friends about their positive experience with your business. An example of this is a yoga studio offering customers their first class for free or a beauty supplier offering a sample kit of their best-selling products. Utilising an offer as part of your digital marketing is a highly effective way to draw attention and entice sales. Plus, it?s a risk-free way for your potential customers to discover whether your products or services suit their needs.

Referral Marketing

In referral marketing strategy, businesses offer additional perks to existing customers for recommending the brand to their friends and family or on social media profiles. This helps in reaching new customers while increasing the customer retention rate.

To create a referral program, research what types of rewards your customers are interested in. The reward can be a free session, a gift box of self-care products, or a free fitness plan, for example. Then, get in touch with customers to ask if they would like to participate in your referral program and make sure you have shared specific eligibility rules with your potential referrers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves using influencers or famous social media personalities to endorse your brand or products. As a health and wellness business, you can approach influencers that complement your industry. 

For example, a skincare brand could approach influencers who prioritise their self-care and ask them to try their products. If the influencer likes the product and tells their audience about it, then this allows the brand to tap into the influencer?s expansive network of like-minded individuals. Gyms could work with well-known fitness coaches or influencers to grow their brand presence. This way, the influencers? followers will be introduced to your business.

There is no doubt about it, the health and wellness industry is competitive. To ensure your business keeps growing in the upcoming year, utilise trends in the health and wellness industry to promote your brand. Some trend ideas you need to follow are video and visual marketing,?social media marketing, free trials, referral marketing, and influencer marketing.?If you?d like more help with your business?s digital marketing, don?t hesitate to?get in touch with Crunchy Digital?to discover and deploy your most effective marketing strategy.

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